Pets and Work Partners from Canine Whisperer Mose Hugghis


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I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction in training with K-9 OTC and its staff. I attended their K-9 Seminar this past year and gained a wealth of knowledge that has been important to my training and contributed to my success on the streets in confiscating illegal narcotics and apprehending criminals. Mose Hugghis is a professional dog trainer but he communicates with us K-9 handlers on a personal level for you can tell he puts 100% into making sure that the handlers and their partners work as a fluent team, a well oiled machine. Mose Hugghis teaches us LEO'S not only how to maintain our training with our K-9s but why it's so important to understand our dogs and the many drives that our K-9s exhibit. K-9 OTC is a top notch training facility that doesn't just want to sale Police Service Dogs. They want to make sure that each K-9 Handler and their partners are going to work together perfectly and safely. To Mose Hugghis us LEO'S aren't just a paycheck but part of a family. Mose makes himself available at anytime to answer any questions or concerns which to me I see as a man that stands behind the dogs he personally and professionally trains.

I would strongly recommend K-9 OTC to any department looking to puchase a Service Dog. The training is outstanding, professional and geared to make us the BEST teams that we can be. Having a Police K-9 is an intense responsibility for every department. If you're a department looking to have a SUCCESSFUL K-9 PROGRAM than K-9 OTC is without question the place to go.

SGT Matthew E Meairs
Gray County Sheriff's Department

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Hey dog people! Checkout Moses Training Center. I've been a trainer/ handler/ officer for over 15 yrs, meaning I know quality people and trainers when I see them.
I trained and certified under Tom Brenneman he simply is the best there is, his trainer course was one of my best accomplishments!
With Mose and Tom you get both quality people and training. When you train with them you work you don't stand around and talk about it. Of course there's not a question they can't and won't answer, anything you do with Tom and Mose you will be more confident in yourself and you dog.
Check them out and experience real dog training!

Kirby Brelsford

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I met Mose about 4 yrs ago during a k9 workshop.  I was having issues with my patrol dog not wanting to bark at suspects.  Mose provided me with some pointers and then bet me he could get my dog barking within five minutes, I told him I had tried everything and it was not possible.  The next day during training Mose decoyed for my k9 and within five minutes he had my dog barking on command.... something nobody else was able to do.

Since that time I have consulted Mose on several issues with apprehension and decoy techniques.  When I was in charge of our agencies k9 unit he was always there to assist me when I needed him.

Mose Hugghis is definitely one of the most profession dog trainers, handlers and instructors that I have met in my 11 years as a law enforcement and civilian contracting k9 handler.  I have seen and worked with several of his dogs over the last few years at workshops and have been extremely impressed at their drive and willingness to please their handler.  I would recommend Mose Hugghis and K9 OTC for any training you may need for your k9 and also for any future purchase of working k9s.  He takes pride in his k9s and I know he will be there to assist in making sure any future client got the right k9 for their needs.

Tom Crossley
Crossley's Security Solutions
Webb City, MO

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I'm a K-9 Deputy and I have had a very good partner for approximately five years. The last four or five months my partner had gotten to where he would just walk around cars when we were out on the road and wouldn’t search a car like he was actually hunting for dope. I tried several things to get his drive back up and excitement and was having problems with him.

We got in touch with Mose and he was more than eager to take my dog right away and work with him. Two days later I had my dog in Topeka at Moses, K9 OTC!

We left the dog with him for three weeks while he worked with him building his drive back up. At the end of three weeks I then went to Moses place and spent the last week with him and my dog, working. I was very impressed on how my dog worked when I got there. He was searching for drugs like his life depended on it and was very excited doing it, like he was having fun.

The entire week I was there, I was very, very impressed with the work ethic and dedication that Mose had working with my dog and me. I've never been to another seminar or clinic and got that much personal attention and results!

Since I've got home and have my K-9 back on duty, we have again started getting more drugs out of cars and have searched several buildings and houses and found paraphernalia and drugs hidden way back in closets, buried in clothes and other objects. I can't think Mose enough for what he did with my dog.

K-9 Deputy, Scott McCann

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My name is Richard O’Dell and I am a Deputy at the Shannon County Sheriff’s Office in Eminence, Missouri. I purchased a Belgian Malinois cross-bred puppy from Mose in the middle of 2014. This puppy was one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Drive was through the roof!

When “Karma” reached 12 months old, I sent her back to K9 OTC to receive narcotics detection training.  Within no time, Mose had her on course. In December 2015, I went back out to K9 OTC and finished my handler’s course and received our narcotics certification.  Karma was 15 months old.

While Karma was out at K9 OTC, Mose not only trained her on her narcotics detection, he worked on issues that she had, making her a better rounded service animal for patrol.

I want to say a huge “Thank You” to the staff at K9 OTC. They all treated me as if I was a part of the team.  Their knowledge and understanding of canines made this an educational and pleasurable event for me and Karma alike. Mose’s dedication and many years of experience with handling dogs shows within his training and in his employees.

Deputy Richard O'Dell
Shannon County Deputy           

Man Holding a German Shepherd

As a breeder, I am often asked about training after a family has selected their new family member.  While there are other competitent trainers in the Kansas City area, Mose is the ONLY person I truly trust to treat my clients the way they expect… and I expect.  Truly a great guy who wants nothing but the best for you and your furry friend.

Shane ,

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If you need honesty and passion for your dog training… Mose is the only person you need to visit with for your dog training needs in Topeka or Kansas City.  Great guy!


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Mose is the only person I will let work with my dogs.  He is a true talent and professional with unmatched passion in the dog training industry.  Thanks for helping me and my dogs!

Mr. John Anderson

I met Mose Hugghis in 2002 when I owned and was running Vom Kaiserhofe’s Training Center. Mose came to my training center and asked for help in training a dog that he had bought from some people but was told the dog would never make it in Schutzhund work. I looked at the dog and told Mose it would be no problem, I would help him. With a lot of hard work and a year and a half later that dog titled to the rank of Schutzhund 3. We moved on to police service dog work and I worked with Mose in the bite suit for several years and watched him under my direction become one of the best agitators I have seen and I have been all over the country, at many seminars, evaluating many agitators. Mose got so good at agitation work deceased LAPD K-9 SGT Donn Yarnall and I invited him to do seminars where ever we went. Mose became famous for his hard work and dedication to Police Service Dog work that myself and Donn Yarnall began training him in the use of the Police Service Dog.

Mose has been a part of over 400 dogs that we have trained for police work. He has observed over 700 police dogs being trained by myself and Donn Yarnall. Throughout those years Mose and I have formed a bond and friendship that could never be broken. I have retired now and donated all of my equipment that I owned to Mose so that he could move forward and have his own school to train the dogs and do the job that I love. Mose is now a certified Police Service Dog, Narcotics Detection and Explosives Detection trainer. He also is a certified trainer in Specialty Tracking and Live Find Search and Rescue dogs. I will be helping him with getting contacts in Europe to only import quality dogs and helping with classroom, classes and or certifications.

Richard Tom Brenneman
Retired Police Supervisor, Police Service Dog Handler-Trainer, Police Service Dog Judge