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Training Law Enforcement Dogs in Powder Springs, Georgia

Strengthen your capabilities with the help of K9 OTC Inc. We train single- and dual-purpose K-9's for your law enforcement needs. Our law enforcement dogs in Powder Springs, Georgia, are hand-selected for their stamina, drive, and health. They are suitable for virtually any function and undergo a rigorous certification process.

The finest police forces require only the best-trained canine partners. To help fill your ranks, we pool our candidates from reputable breeders and can also import specific breeds at your request. Our team trains various breeds, including Belgian Malinois, Dutch and German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Rottweilers. They can take on a multitude of roles, including:

  • Patrol
  • Drug or Explosive Detection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Live Find
  • Specialty Tracking and Trailing

Seasoned Trainers, Dependable Canines

Your police force protects the community. Guard it with the best. Our company has more than six decades of experience in training police service dogs, and we are Desert Snow graduates. On top of that, we have more than 37 years of experience as K-9 handlers and trainers. We understand the challenges you are facing, and we are here to help you overcome them.



Our training facility includes dogs that are ready to recruit and those still in the training process. If you do not wish to adopt any of our finished dogs, we can help you select a dog for training. References related to our training processes are available upon request. You can even request a video of our training and certification processes.

Narcotics Detection Dogs

Fill your specialist roles with our narcotics detection dogs. We test and train dogs so that they may handle various environments while on duty, including slick floors, stairs, obstacle courses, confined spaces, and gunfire. They are further tested for situational readiness around stationary and moving automobiles, buses, trains, aircraft, and waterborne vessels. Our narcotics detection K-9s are trained to detect and alert on six odors using passive alerts. We also train your officers on K-9 case law, interdiction methods, and other topics.

Explosive Detection Dogs

Mitigate risk and respond effectively with our explosive detection dogs. Our explosive detection K-9s are trained to detect and passive alert on 12 explosive odors. Many of our dog graduates have been used by U.S. and foreign police agencies, military personnel, and governments. They come highly recommended for their high drives, pin-point hunt drive, excellent focus, and proven detection ability.

Contact us and arrange a consultation for our law enforcement dogs and training courses. We are located in Powder Springs, Georgia.