For the proud servicemen and women of America, K9 OTC Inc. has dogs uniquely suited to the treatment and therapy of post-traumatic stress disorder. With many soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, reintegrating into society has become a huge challenge. K9 OTC Inc. understands the emotional trauma that combat veterans suffer, and are proud to offer PTSD/emotional support dogs. It has been proven that properly trained emotional support animals have a tremendous impact on the mental health and physical well-being of veterans suffering from PTSD.  Our K-9's will not only provide peace of mind, but through their companionship, love and assistance, allow you, the veteran, to live a fuller, happier, less stressful life.

Some of the training our PTSD and emotional support dogs receive is: total off leash control, conducting home searches, turning on lights and providing alert and cover in public areas to help reduce the startle response (persons approaching from behind). We certify the health and training of our K-9's and will offer custom training to fit your needs! Just give us a call, one of your best friends is waiting here for you.