Meet our new groomer


Basic Obedience
Be the master!  Mose offers basic dog obedience training including on-leash training where your dog will learn commands such as "heel", "sit", "down", and "stay".  Once your dog graduates from the basic obedience class, he or she can move on the the advanced obedience class where your dog will learn off-leash obedience.  You have the option of boarding and training at the same time, so owners can leave their dogs to train with Mose while they are away!

For your added convenience, Mose offers full-service grooming. He shampoos the dogs' coats, and can even provide custom cuts and styling. With more than 10 years of experience in grooming and animal rehabilitation, he is sure to keep your dogs at their cutest and healthiest. He offers free shampoos for cleaning, color enhancing, and coats, and he checks their skin for wounds or scratches. Mose and his team always take the time to do the job right, handling sensitive areas such as the anus delicately and with minimal discomfort to the dog. Small breeds, large breeds, and even elderly pets can all benefit from his services.

Boarding and Daycare
When you leave town for business trips or vacations, someone needs to look after your canine companion. Make sure that someone is Mose and the rest of K9 OTC Inc. He also offers doggy daycare for pet owners who work all day, which you can combine with boarding. From the moment your dogs arrive, they will be treated like royalty. A typical day with Mose begins with your canine companion checking in. Mose will put away any personal items, such as treats and leashes, in a personal locker for your dog. One of his staff members will escort your dog to either one of our grassy play yards, or our indoor playrooms where dogs are free to run, exercise, and socialize.