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Dog Obedience Training in Topeka, KS

Police and Protection Decoy Workshop | Canine Whisperer in Topeka, KS

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Security and Service Dog Training in Topeka, KS

Police officers, military members, and rescue personnel all form noble partnerships with the dogs we train at K9 OTC INC. We offer service dog training in Topeka, KS, for security, combat, personal protection, and other similar roles. The animals we train are very loyal and loving, which also makes them fantastic emotional support dogs for individuals such as veterans that genuinely benefit from their help. We thoroughly test each dog before training to find which roles are best for them.

Dependable Law Enforcement Partners

Our goal is to provide capable law enforcement partners that can stay as safe as possible on the job. We test all of our police service dogs for their hunt and fight drive, bite and muzzle work, stamina, and solid nerves. We understand their behavior and social interactions with temperament testing to find the best match with a partner and job.

Our canine training also includes testing work-related environmental factors such as slick floors, confined spaces, stairs, and climbing ability. The police dog training we conduct ensures that all our canines can work on arson investigations, tracking, and other custom duties.  

A Comprehensive Selection Process

We work with reputable breeders and select the best animals for your purposes. Each of our dogs has thorough medical examinations for hips, elbows, eyes, ears, teeth, and complete blood work. In this way, we secure the healthiest dogs.

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Dog Selection

We obtain our dogs from the most reputable breeders and import the best animals to fit your requirements. All of our canines undergo thorough medical examinations for hips, elbows, eyes, ears, teeth, and full blood work to ensure that we provide the client's healthiest dogs. Contact us today to learn more about our canines and their different training procedures; we'll be sure to find you the perfect partner no matter your purposes.

Canine Training in Topeka, KS

About Mose

K9 OTC INC. owner Mose Hugghis is very experienced in service dog training with the knowledge, skills, and patience to transform any canine into a working partner or companion. He trains dogs for law enforcement, search and rescue, personal protection, emotional support, and other sensitive tasks. K9 OTC INC. also offers dog daycare, grooming, and general obedience classes.