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Dog Obedience Training in Topeka, KS

Police and Protection Decoy Workshop | Canine Whisperer in Topeka, KS

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Specialized Canine Training in Topeka, KS

At K9 OTC INC., we provide comprehensive canine training in Topeka, KS, for police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and military dogs. We also train personal protection dogs for an individual or family and emotional support dogs for veterans. We provide training for arson, specialty track training, and custom training that fit your specifications.

All of our dogs undergo temperament testing to determine their behavior, character, and social interaction. The law enforcement dogs are tested for their hunt and fight drive, bite and muzzle work, stamina, solid nerves, and handling of environmental factors such as slick floors, stairs, confined spaces, and ability to climb into high and hard to reach areas.

We obtain our dogs from the most reputable breeders and import the best animals to fit your requirements. All of our canines undergo thorough medical examinations for hips, elbows, eyes, ears, teeth, and full blood work to ensure that we provide the healthiest dogs to the client.

Backed by more than 60 years of combined experience, K9 OTC INC. should be your first choice for police service dogs, search and rescue dogs, and other kinds of canines with specialized training. We guarantee that our dogs are very healthy and well-trained.

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Pet Services

Mose is also a dog trainer, groomer, and a dog lover who is more than willing to take in your furry K9 friends for boarding and daycare, any time you have to be away from them. He can also provide pet grooming services and obedience training for basic commands.

German Shepherd | Service Dog Training in Topeka, KS

About Mose

Mose Hugghis is the owner of K9 OTC INC. in Topeka, KS. He is a seasoned dog trainer and has the knowledge, skills, and temperament to turn any dog into a working partner or companion. He trains working dogs for law enforcement, search and rescue, personal protection, emotional support, and other highly sensitive tasks. He also offers dog daycare, grooming services, and general obedience training.